Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Big Trip to Disneyland
(The day starts at the bottom)

The next night we stayed in a hotel close to the park so we could see the firework show from our room. We pulled the blankets off the beds and cuddled up together to watch.

They were happy all the way until the the end.

A great way to finish the day watching the light and water show. It was amazing!

We went on this ride three times and the third time I couldn't handle it again so I stood by and took pictures.

Now this was the face we where looking for that morning when we broke the news. But at least we got it from her later.

Thank goodness for Destiny to let us borrow her stroller.

Brooklyn driving in Toon Town.

The kids favorite ride where the Tea Cups.

By the time we were done eating the both had warmed up tho the characters and Brody was even flirting with Minnie.

We scheduled a Character breakfast in the park and the food was great but some of the characters took some getting use to. Captain Hook was the scariest and Brody and Brooklyn were both most scared of him.

We woke the kids up early to tell them the great news, "we are going to Disneyland today!!"
The response was a tired "yay" and half opened eyes. I bit of a let down compared to all those commercials when the parents record there kids hearing the great news and they went crazy with excitement. But they were tired and I don't think they totally understood how exciting it was since they hadn't been there before.
These are the outfits I made for the kids to have them guess where we were going that day. Brooklyn's is a little dress and Brody's is a shirt.

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