Monday, November 1, 2010

As most of you may know we are expecting a new baby in June?
I made these shirts to tell Jared!

The kids are so excited! Brooklyn is always telling me to
"rest and take it easy, cause mom ... the baby."

I put this together for Halloween and wore it to the ward party.
I don't think very many people thought to look down cause I was surprised with how few comments I got with out pointing it out.

Brooklyn went as a Prima Ballerina but wanted to change about a week before.
I told her no way it took to much work to make your costume to switch now.

Jared and Brody went as Phinease and Ferb. (Our favorite show!!!) At our family party I was Dr. Doofinsmerks (I have no idea on how to spell that name) But had to change my costume cause They were pretty firm on no cross dressing at the ward party.
We already can't wait until next year and what we are all going dress up as.