Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nicol Family Reunion

First day Deer Creek Reservoir

It was a very windy day, but we still got in to our waists evey though it was realy cold.

The kids had fun writting in the sand if you can call it that.

Brooklyn was so brave and rode the quad then ended up really liking it.
We got to see Case's hourses and feed them. Brody was so scared and he couldn't believe how many hourses there were. Everywhere we turned he would say, "There's another one!"
Brooklyn and her new best friend Jaycee.

We were so good at shooting.
Oh Yeah. Jared got all of his clay pigeons and I got two in a row.

We had a great time.
What a beautiful cabin and location. We had a great time
celebrating all the holidays!It's always fun when we get to know
our relatives better than before.
Our family camping trip.
Jared left me in charge of reserving the spot and I
found one that I thought was
close to the lake. It was about 5 min. from it
and practically a resort for RVers.
There was a swiming pool, showers, play ground
and a gift shop. And if we forgot anything we
only lived 5 min away.

Father and son fishing.

The kids loved all the games we played.

We made dotch oven dinner too.

It was great!