Thursday, May 27, 2010

So a lot has happened the last month or two. If you haven't heard already Jared was let go from his job at Symantic. Along with the rest of his department (40 People!). We were so upset and confused and distraught and nervous and the list could go on! But Jared got right to work the day he was sent home he was making calls and emailing and doing all he could for the time being. With all those people let go at the same time in the same field it was harder because they were all interviewing for the same jobs in the area. Jared was out of work on Tuesday, had three or four interviews in the first week and had a job by the next Wednesday (officially Thursday). I have to say, he is amazing. Such a hard worker and really worked hard to find a job. He was the first one to get hired!! It was crazy though, we went through so many emotions. It was a true testimony builder in faith, prayer, and always having a good amount in savings. We later found out Symantec let go about 400 more people company wide to make room for two companies they bought the following week. So no hurt feelings.
So the new job!!! It's with ITS they are partners with Symantec except Jared has an Inside sales and Outside sales position when before it was just an inside sales support role. By moving to this company he has jumped the job "latter" about 3 positions! So it payed off in the end. There are some good things and some harder things that come with the job. Jared gets to work at home!! But he has to work at the only desk we have so I'm never on the computer during the day. (it's ok though with the warm weather I'm outside anyway.) He gets to travel to some cool places but mostly without us and he doesn't have time to sight see. Last week he was in DC for three days. Jared has a very large territory to cover, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and now they added all of California, plus his government deals in DC! He gets to work close with the president of the company though so that will be a great support.
Through all this there is a lot to be thankful for in the end. It really comes down to what is important, we have our health and our family. And thanks to Symantec and our severance money we bought a new car for Jared. Since we were too nervous to drive his old car on the freeway and the seat belt broke.
Ta Da!
2006 Nissan 350 Z
Our splurge!!

Just a two seater but we figure, get it now while

the kids are young and we don't have to drive them around

to lessons or practices.
Of course with the custom BYU licence plate too.