Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sunday before Christmas in our matching Christmas outfits.
Don't they look So cute!
I was rushing to finish making our three outfits, Jared's
I found a tie and sweater to match and I
found plaid tights that were so perfect!

Brody wasn't too happy about seeing Santa at the Ward party.

Brooklyn made sure to tell him everything!

We had fun with Sandra here, and look forward to
having her back in January.

Brooklyn's Dance performance...

She was so proud that she knew all the moves.

She even had a special part to lead the class around the stage in a circle,
whether they followed that is another story.

She had two dances,
Baby Ballerinas and Santa Claus comes tonight.

Brody was pretty excited too
He posed too

My birthday landed on the same day as the BYU game
and the flight home from Washington. So we celebrated later.
I am now 25!!!!!!!

We got our Christmas lights up with all our neighbors.
We got some of the Sisson's delicious Cinnamon rolls!

Now The BYU game was Amazing!!!!

We raided the field afterwards!

Go Cougars!!!

It was crazy, I thought I was going to fall and get trampled.

We have loved going to the games this year!
(as long as I'm bundled well enough)
My warmest coat was red and so I had to wear Jared's
sweatshirt over my coat for this game!!

Thanksgiving in Washington

The kids loved all the food!

Danielle was such a good sport to let Brooklyn and Lili do her hair all the time.

It was hard to get Brody and Landon to stay still for this picture with their new hats.

They have really warmed up to Roger and Sandra.

Lili and Brooklyn were instantly best friends!

Brody and Landon had a lot of fun too.

So its been a while! This was last month at Jared's soccer game the kids were cheering him on!

Lindsay and Aaron had there baby! They named her Paisley Love Gosney. She feels so small, its hard to remember these too ever being small like that.

We stopped by Lindsay's on our way home from Idaho for our pre-Thanksgiving meal.

Of course after being at Grandma and Grandpa's for about an hour he falls and cracks his eye open. That'll leave a mark.

We had a lot of fun seeing everyone.

moma's boy!!!