Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Our ward Party pictures, Jared is such a good sport to dress up to match with us.

Brooklyn loved her wings but that was just about it. When it came time to getting into her costume she fought it and wanted to be bell. There is a hint for next year!

Brody Loved his hook and sword!

He surprisingly didn't mind his hat with all the hair.

The kids loved the pimpkins! Every time we went outside they would get so excited!

Brody dint' know what to do and started to eat what was inside.

Brooklyn couldn't stand touching what was inside.
I was lucky to get this picture.
Dad and Micheal came over to watch the game with Jared, while we carved the pumkins. We had fun frosting cookies and making plates to
bring to friends and neighbors. Brooklyn wanted a pink pumpkin cookie.
We ahev had a lot of fun this haloween season. Now it's time to hide the candy!!

Brooklyn got a new apron to match mommy's and while I was taking a picture of her Brody was jealous and wanted his picture taken too. He even posed for me!! So cute!

So Brody had a little accident while at the grocery store twice! We decided he is just prone to injury. He was pretty sad that night. By the next day he didn't remember anything. It was so sad to see.