Thursday, August 20, 2009

We had a lot of fun at BYU's fall sports kick off! We got to meet the players and hear from the coach. They had a live band and all kinds of fun!

These cheerleaders wanted Brooklyn's picture but she was too nervous so I stood with her.

The kids loved being outside and dancing to the music.

We got a few pictures with the star players. I can't remember who this one is.

Brooklyn was very excited about their pom poms!

We went to Thanksgiving Point Farm.
Brody was fine as long as the animals were behind the fence.

Brody didn't know what to think of these animals eating out of your hands.

Brooklyn loved feeding the goats with her friend Jordyn.

Brooklyn changed her mind about riding at the last minute. Brody was pretty scared of riding but once we started going he was OK, holding on tight to me.

Brooklyn's hair is getting so long and she let me put it in hot curlers for church!
We took the kids to a dollar movie!

Brooklyn couldn't even take her eyes off the screen during the adds at the beginning.

Brody loved the movie for the first 20 minutes!
We saw Monsters v.s. Aliens.

Jared had a meeting before church so we were waiting outside for him to pick us up!
I love to see Brody in a tie! What a little man.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We went and visited Great Grandma. She is so on top of things, and so alert!

Grandma was playing piano with the kids. They really liked her. Brody even cuddled up to her.

We partied hard at the reunion!

We did Karaoke and sang "I want to talk about ME" by Tobey Keith

Our family number was dedicated to our dear friend, Micheal Jackson. We sang "Thriller".

We all had a great time!!

We had to sit tight on the boat with Brooklyn she was really scared of the boat ride. Brody loved the wind in his face!

Brody was so brave getting on the jet ski with Dad and I.

We had a ward activity and they had Brody's favorite, Watermelon!

Daddy looks so cool in his new sunglasses and hat!

We celebrated Grandma and Grandpa Gephart's 50th wedding anniversary!

Brody got his first bike!!
We had fun celebrating Jared's birthday! We made a Crispy Cream cake!Brody and Brooklyn trying to keep cool before the dance recital later that night. On the way to the show! What a Diva!
Brooklyn in her first costume.

Brooklyn in her second costume, she always looks away at the last minute.