Thursday, June 11, 2009

So things have finaly settled down!! Lindsay is married and the wedding shower Destiny and I put on is done!! Destiny came for the wedding and stayed with us for a little while and she took some really cute pitures of the kids. She studied photography and I keep telling her to start something up. So we tried to start a little portfolio with these. These are some fruit tarts we made for the wedding shower!

Brody and Brooklyn helped in the kitchen too. Brody sampled everything he could get his hands on and Brooklyn liked to roll out the dough!

We were visiting my parents and the kids love there new kitty.

Isn't she so good! Real profesional!

This is Brooklyn's best friend if you haven't heard already her name is Sophie

We had a little hawiian theme party for Brooklyn's Joyschool friends!

We went for a fun family picnic I think I need to get more pictures with Jared in them too huh? Jared and I have been working out with this P90X video its a killer, but We have seen a lot of improvement already!