Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So Brody developed a rash about 2 weeks ago and I thought it was just from playing on the grass so the nurse told me to just give him benadryl and watch it well the next day it looked worse and there were bruising all over, including the back of his knees and there is no way he could fall and bruise there. So when Jared got home I showed him and he was very concerned and had an idea and mentioned leukemia and I told him he was over reacting and not to every mention that again!! We got an after hours appointment and went in around 7:30 pm and when the doctor came into the room he said it could be one of two things, leukemia or ITP. We silently paniced but tried to stay calm. When the doctor said to go to the hospital and get some blood work done to figure out which it was we were even more nervous! On the way out to the car Jared and I both Broke down and Brooklyn was so sweet she was really upset too. We all prayed as we drove to the hospital. The out patient lab was closed and we begged to let us in to get the blood drawn and tested. They were very understanding and help us out. Then we went home and waited. Jared and our friend Chris came over and gave Brody a blessing. Jared and I both felt much better that with either outcome we would be able to handle it. We put the kids to bed and continued to pray. Around 11:30 we heard back from the doctor that it was ITP, the other thing!!! Thank Heaven! We were so glad. ITP can be serious if not taken care of too. It has to do with his blood platelets. He had a virus and his antibodies match some of the virus cells so they started fighting off its self. His blood was thinning and that is what the rash was... it was blood that was so thin it was rising to the surface. The bruising is from the thinning blood too. So for the last two weeks we have had to be really careful that Brody doesn't fall down too much or else he could bruise or get cut and won't stop bleeding for a while. Which was hard to do since he has learned to walk. He has been taking Steroids and some things to help with the side affects of the steroids. The rash is almost gone and the bruising has lightened up. He will continue with this for about 3 more weeks and then he should be done. We are so grateful that he is doing well and that there is something we could do. Though all this Brody hasn't minded. He is still the sweet little boy.
We love him to death and couldn't think of life without him. He is such a blessing in our lives.

The kids had fun on Easter looking for some eggs!!

We got to go to Krispy Cream Donuts with Brooklyn's Joy school class and watch how they make the donuts then we got to try some!
Brooklyn had a accident in march and had to get stiches!!! Ouch! She was so brave and got to pick out any treats she wanted at the store. She chose cookies, soda, and ice cream!!!

Then he figured it out little by little!

Bordy got to eat his own cake and didn't know what to think of it.

Happy 1st Birthday To Brody!!!!!!

Here he is bottle in bed (instead of breakfast in bed.)