Monday, August 18, 2008


It's been a while since I've updated this so here is what has been going on...

Here is the garden I'm so proud of since this picture the tomato plants on the right have grown up past Brooklyn's head. we love picking them escecialy Brooklyn she loves tomatoes.

We went boating with my family and this was just about the only time Brooklyn was smiling on the boat. She was so scared! She still brings it up and tells me, "no go on boat, it's scary."

Destiny came down and we celebrated the 24th of July. We accidentally got a big box of poppers and no fireworks so Dallen and Jared had to go get some.

Brooklyn loves hagging out with Brody they are both so cuddly together.

We went out to Heber for the Big Duke reunion and Brooklyn loved seeing Micheal and Zach.

Here is Jared on his birthday. He turned 30 this year it was pretty tough now he's an old man!

Brody loves his saucer chair now with all the fin toys that wont fall off the tray. He is such a happy baby!

Jared and I love to play with Brody's cheeks and he laughs and squeels. It's so fun! We just started him on baby food this week and he loves it. He had been watching us eat at the table and we could tell he wanted some too.

Brooklyn loves to help me make pizza dough she always tries to sneak some to eat I tell her it doesn't taste good yet but she likes it. She also likes to make snakes out of the dough.

So Jared has been wanting me to post these pictures here since the day we went last Thursday! He is a HUGE BYU fan! We went to the big fall sports kick off and got some guys to sign Brooklyn's T-shirt.

We caught Harvey Unga ( no idea about this spelling) on the way to the signing table.

Brody had a lot of fun too. He might have just loved being outside people watching.

The last picture but the most important with Max Hall the quarterback.

It has really fun this summer and we can't wait for the the next couple of weeks cause Jared's brother Mitch is back from his mission and is coming down here to start school soon so we'll get to see him in person! We are still learning to manage 2 kids, it's been harder lately. Brooklyn is testing the waters with everything it seems. If anyone has advice let me know.
By the way I know when this is posted it will be in a wierd order and I would fix it but Brody is fussing and needs me and I'm getting a little frazzled so I hope you can read it.