Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Brody's Blessing

We blessed Brody on June 1. It was so special having a lot of our family there, even though he cried through the whole blessing. He has started to smile so now we remember why we had another baby after all. No, he is a very sweet baby and we love having him in our family.

My mom made his blessing outfit and bought this cute hat and shoes to match. He looked like a little "newsie". She had to make it to fit a 9 month old cause he is huge. We went in for his check up and he ways 17 pounds now and is 24 inches. He is at the top of the scales. Brooklyn was the same way, I guess we are just bound to have big kids. Here we are as a pround family all together in our entry way. Brooklyn wanted to be big and stand all by herself.

Brooklyn and brody looked so cute together while waiting for Jared and I to get ready for church one Sunday morning.

Brooklyn loves talking on the phone anyone who will answer she will talk to. There comes a time almost every day where we go through my phone book and call people for her to talk to. Brody has always been very expresive with his face I thought this look was a "what is she talking about?" look. He puts up with a lot. Brooklyn loves him so much and shows it all the time. Potty training has been a success!!! Only about a week and a half and she's got it! Now there is only one set of diapers to change Yea!! (never thought I'd be celebrating changing any diapers.)