Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well, this is our first posting and we are so excited to share or family life with our friends and family. We have been real busy this past year.We bought a home in Provo Utah and enjoy being close to BYU because Jared is such a Fanatic he is turning Brooklyn into to one too,she already knows part of the fight song. We just had our baby and now Jared will be starting his new job working for Symantec (they do anti-virus software). The home loan business with WAMU got to stressful with all the changes in the company. Here are pictures from what has been going on in our lives.

Here is my belly on Easter Sunday at the Easter egg hunt.

Brooklyn looked so cute for church in her Easter dress.

Brody Roger Carter born March 27, 2008.

The labor was very fast, we got to the hospital at 5 pm and had him at 7:45 pm. I was ready for a break by the end!

A proud Daddy for the second time!

Big sister Brooklyn was very excited to see mommy and daddy after being away staying at my parents.

Brooklyn loves having a real baby in the house to play with and read stories to. She is mommy's big helper, always there to give Brody his "pacies" whenever he is sad whether he likes it or not.

Brooklyn has also started potty training. Here she is with her chart, she is so proud to tell me when she needs to go and what she did! Then she gets a princess sticker to go with her Royal Throne Potty chart. We are very proud of her. We can't wait to only have to be changing one set of diapers.

We are so Happy with where we are at, we hope all of you are doing well also.